ThinkWave is a new addition to the primary program at MSCA, and it will be a very useful tool for teachers, parents, and even students! ThinkWave will help our school to improve its organization and its communication with parents.

What will the teachers and staff do in this ThinkWave program? Teachers and staff will:

  • Keep a current record of all assignments and grades (grades will be entered at least one time per week for every subject and every student);
  • Keep a current record of student attendance;
  • Keep a current record of student and parent contact information, including e-mail addresses;
  • Store student class schedules (what time each student is learning each subject);
  • Publish messages and announcements for the school for parents (field trips, school events, holidays, important assignments and projects, etc.);
  • Create detailed unit grade reports (with teacher comments) that can be printed or directly e-mailed to parents.

What can I (the parent) do in this program? Parents can:

  • Access all messages for the school, and see important information about all school events;
  • Access detailed information about upcoming and finished assignments in all classes;
  • Access a detailed assignment list with individual grades and comments for each class;
  • Access an overall grade for each student in every class.