Morning Star ChristianAcademy is a specialized private school that was founded to meet the academic needs of English speaking students whose families are planning to send their children to the United States for higher learning because of their current resident or visa status. We are here to help all types of students meet requirements for acceptance into schools in America by providing an individual learning opportunity. Our requirements for graduation are set according to Florida State Law, as this is where our stateside office is located.

At MSCA we offer 4 types of diplomas. The vocational diploma (20 credits) is given to students who do not meet requirements for entrance into any college due to a lack of foundational skills. The general diploma (22 credits) is given to students who take some below high school level courses but meet a general standard to graduate. The college preparatory diploma (25 credits) requires students to take all high school level courses from 9th to 12th Grade. And the honors diploma (27 credits) requires students to take all of the highest level high school courses available.

MSCA is registered with the College Board of America. All students are given the Stanford Achievement Test each year. Our 10th and 11th graders take the PSAT each year, and our seniors register to take the SAT, ACT and TOFEL test as to meet the requirements of graduation.